Saturday, January 8, 2011

Future Highroller

Talon won $10 on the lottery scratch off card that Gram put in his Christmas stocking.  What a thrill! 

   Remember, how he took  to the bingo.   Well, Thursday night as we passed the VFW on the way back from grocery shopping, he shouted 'There're cars at the bingo!'.    He wanted to stop and play-- Spoiled milk? Who cares?

After sampling the delights of Las Vegas, he now points out all the Indian Casinos and asks: Are children allowed? Children are not allowed and he finds that extremely perturbing. 

I do wonder if we are leading this poor child into a life of vice but before you call DHS, Talon did not gamble in Vegas but he was allowed to walk through the casinos. Stupid old Firelake Casino in Oklahoma would not even let him pass through to get to the buffet.

He is holding a grudge-- Well, I am really--  I was hungry that day! 
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  1. I'm with Talon. You could call someone except they wouldn't be able to do anything. I don't think the ACLU pulls any weight on Indian land.
    As the to way ward possibilities of your child, when we lived in Vegas ( fun to visit, no fun to live Catie and I would make a girl day out of walking through them and she hasn't turned to a life of crime yet. I think you're okay.


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