Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nifty Thrifty Cups

Snagged these cozy cups at a local junkstore recently-- aren't they cute?! And only .25 each!

The white one is a thick heavy pyrex-- reminds me of old timey cafe cups.

The curvy yellow one is Mikasa.

The Mickey is from Disney.

The tall one is Royal Norfolk.

I like them all but can you guess which is my favorite...

Love it! I've never had a tall narrow mug before! The colors make me happy and the graphics remind me of spyrograph-- remember that toy?

Which is your favorite?
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  1. at .25 each? wow! they're pretty, especially the yellow one from Mikasa.

  2. i like the yellow one, but the white one is a close second. cute!

  3. I find the plain yellow the most attractive. A whole set would brighten-up a kitchen and there's no pattern to get tired of.

  4. my favorite?? the banana behind the beautiful mugs lol.

    happy MYM.

  5. Of course the mug with blue is your fav.

    Happy Blue Monday, Lesa.

  6. I like the all yellow one!! This make my eyes popped out love it!
    Street/Store signs

  7. I share your favourite. Love the retro graphic design.

  8. I like the white,no maybe the yellow!Oh, what in the world,just all are kool.

  9. With this many, you do not have to make a choice. Use a different one each day. I like the slim line one.

  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments so far!

    Sally: ;o)

    Gram: Make up your mind!!

    Kat-i: very diplomatic answer!

    So the vote so far:
    Yellow 4
    White 0
    Mickey 2
    Tall 4-- counting my vote!

  11. Love the retro spyrograph one. Great finds.

  12. So cute and cheerful---I love your collection! I vote on the tall retro one, too. Thanks for making me smile!


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