Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Winter's Day Nature Walk

Beauty is where you find it and in the winter you take what you can get-- the starkness of an old dead tree against the bright blue sky caught our attention.
The grass in the back forty is almost as tall as Talon!
Can you spot him? I reckon he needs to trade the Elmer Fudd hat in for a pointy red gnome hat!

Talon is outstanding in his field! ;o)

He couldn't get enough of hiding-- kept saying: Can you see me? Of course, I pretended I couldn't-- except when snapping shots.
Checking out the creek with Gram

Fuzzy seed heads

Here are a few photo effect experiments from Picnik-- which do you like?
this is called Holga-ish

Sepia with red hat

Black and white with red hat

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  1. These pictures are just great!! such a cutie!

  2. Gram: Which is your favorite photo effect? I like Holga then sepia-- the B&W is my least favorite.

  3. just like all,but num 3-2-5-oh my!just leaning,liking all.


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