Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do You Buy Jewelry On Spec?

This copper and pink necklace has been hanging out with my other jewelry but never worn for three years. It's quite amiable-- plays well with all the other necklaces and not one complaint about the years of neglect-- it's a jewel, I tell you, a jewel!

Finally, patience paid off and this little necklace met it's perfect match!  

Who is the significant other in question? Why, just a little ol' $7 black friday special from... wait for it... wait for it... WALMART!!  Who woulda thunk it?!

 Do you ever buy jewelry on spec then wait patiently till the perfect outfit serendipitously appears?

If so, what is the longest you've waited? 

Have you ever given up and just thrown the jewelry away?

I have... never did find a match for a huge chunky brass necklace from the 80s-- dang, that thing was ugly-- but, I dang sure got lucky this time!!   
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  1. Yes! I fall in love with something and try to find an outfit to match.
    I also do that with shoes!
    That is a cute necklace and dresses up your BFS!

  2. Yes, I do with it with shoes too-- I've cut back since some of the soles disinigrated before I found the perfect outfit!


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