Saturday, January 1, 2011

A DustyUs Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Talon gets jazzed about everyone's gifts. If he knows what it is, he can barely keep from spilling the beans.

My mother always finds the cutest little gift containers!

Tweet Tweet! I like my little cardinal ornaments. Cardinals flock the feeder outside my kitchen window all winter.

Talon placed a pinecone with a missing string in the bed of this cute little truck ornament.

I don't usually eat candycanes but they sure are festive!

a student gave this guitar playing Santa to Jim years ago

Santa left a few crumbs

Opening gifts from each other

Talon is ecstatic over the XBOX games from Dad

Dad on the other hand...

is not too sure about this gift from Talon!
It is a self-inflating whoopie cushion-- quite the hoot! 

Merry old me! How many years are these pjs gonna last anyway? Talon outgrew his Christmas penguin pjs three years ago!

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  1. looks like Talon is feeling better. You guys are vikings at heart because that cold looks like the kind that slices. Happy New year to you, your adult boy and your baby boy ;)

  2. Thanks and Happy New Year to you and yours too! And that cold was bitter-- we are wimpy vikings!


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